Archie MacKeigan Educational Day

CCANS is excited to have offered the Archie MacKeigan Educational Seminar on September 28th & 29th, 2022 at the Inn on Prince, Truro.

Minister Adams – CCANS Educational Day Message

We held a  meet and greet with entertainment and supper at the hotel on September 28th. The following day September 29th, Pam Mood presented.

The first two people from each organization were be free with a small seminar rate for each additional attendee. For planning reasons attendees were asked tonotify the association of their intent to participate using the email below and and indicate the approximate number of people who will be attending.


Photos from the 2022 Archie MacKeigan Educational Day 

Dynamic, energetic and humorous, Pam’s tell-it-like-it-is approach has made her a much-sought after keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. Pam has the wonderful ability to connect with audiences and firmly believes laughter and honesty will break down walls and allow much-needed information into our lives. As a leadership expert, Pam’s messages are invariably catalysts for the positive changes we’ve been seeking to catapult both our personal and professional lives to the next level.

Her passion and excitement are contagious and will have you reconsidering how you provide service and leadership within your business or organization, whether you are a front-line staff, manager, owner/operator, elected official or other. “Can’t” is a four-letter word: we have everything within us to accomplish all we earnestly pursue and Pam ensures the aim behind Mood Coaching & Consulting – “Challenging Your Potential” – is delivered!

Pam Mood

Pam Mood

Pam speaks internationally delivering workshops, keynotes and seminars to businesses, government organizations, non-profits, schools, unions and more.

She lives in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, a seaside town that she refers to as the best piece of real estate on earth! And as the serving Mayor of Yarmouth, she definitely has the grounds to back up her claim!